Effort for Haciendo Uno Project Ha Empezado

Aquaponics systems have a special ability to provide communities with protein and nutrient rich vegetables essential to healthy living. Our unique position as an aquaponics organization aimed to employ aquaponics technology to combat food scarcity and food deserts led us to develop a relationship with Bridging International Communities (BIC). This organization seeks to connect communities abroad by creating relationships that improve upon their livelihoods through the establishment of public works projects. For the past two years, they have partnered with the community of Haciendita Uno within El Salvador to provide assistance to the people living there, especially by building over 30 aquaponics systems in the community. This particular city was pinpointed due to its underdeveloped, rural environment. People living there face significant challenges such as a lack of dietary diversity, the absence of skilled labor, and widespread crime. Additionally, this community is bordered by Rio Lempa, a river that has been rendered incapable of sustaining organisms such as fish and various other sources of protein due to dangerous levels of pollution.

The introduction of a more sustainable aquaponics system within their homes will positively influence the health and well-being of an entire rural community by providing a reliable food source. Though BIC has already implemented several aquaponics systems to confront food scarcity, Michigan Aquaponics hopes to build upon this and develop additional, highly-efficient aquaponics systems in Haciendita Uno. Our mission for this project is to create stronger societal impacts through our dedication and designs to considerably improve the lives of the people in Haciendita Uno. We are currently in communication with BIC to plan our first trip and are working on acquiring funds for the expedition.

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