The "Aqua" Behind Aquaponics

It’s almost impossible not to think of water when we think of our most precious world resources. It goes without saying that water scarcity is one of the most pressing issues facing us and our future, considering that we all need water to survive. Yet in an environment of growing populations and therefore growing demand, we often neglect our this which is most important resource to us.

Globally, 70% of water is allocated for agriculture alone, and from that, traditional irrigation methods can be as low as 60% efficient. Multiply that by the frequency that crops need to be watered, and the total quantity of water used and wasted by traditional agricultural methods is truly overwhelming. From here, water can pick up sediments and pollutants from fertilizers in soil and carry them in runoff to surface water systems or to groundwater, contaminating these sources for future use. But thankfully for us and others relying on agriculture, there’s another way to get our fruits, vegetables, and plenty of plants in between.

We at Michigan Aquaponics recognize the struggles in our farming practices, and believe aquaponics technology is an extremely qualified way to combat them. In an aquaponics system, instead of seeping into soil like in traditional farming, water is recycled from tank to plants and back again without the need for additional water input or output. Not only can the same water be reused time and again, but filtration systems and natural fertilization from fish wastes means that the water quality within the system does not become degraded throughout this process. In some studies, water use in aquaponics is found to be 95% more efficient than traditional agricultural methods.

Water does not have to be wasted in the growth of humanity, and it’s better for everyone when it isn’t. So considering the facts, it’s clear: aquaponics is a suitable, sustainable solution for saving our most precious resource.

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